YEREVAN. – Delivery business is one of the most dynamically developing areas in Armenia. Just as other areas, the delivery business is faced with its own problems and challenges, and the attempts are made to solve them by using modern technological options.

When it comes to the delivery business, the main problem is addresses in Yerevan. The reason for late delivery is confusing addresses.

Armenian talked to director of company Sevada Baghdyan to clarify how the delivery business is going to address these problems.

“Unfortunately, not every building in Yerevan has an address plaque. You know that it is sometimes impossible to guess the sequence of buildings and houses. Our Georgian and Belarus services ( &, for instance, are using Google Maps application and other GPS services that are rather accurate, and there is not obstacle when it comes to addresses. In Armenia we use the database created by our own, and thanks to our delivery men, the number of accurate addresses increases in our database,” he said. plans a number of technological improvements that will cut the average time of delivery to 30 minutes, Baghdyan added. will spare no effort to optimize work and make it comfortable for customers.

“This year we plan to update and make our site and application more convenient for our customers. The customer will have a chance to find on our website the nearest restaurants and cafes in the shortest possible time. Often customers have no idea where the restaurants are located and do not know whether there is sense to make an order or not, and whether the order will come soon,” director explained.

He emphasized that customer for whom it is important to get his order as soon as possible will have an opportunity to choose the nearest place, and the delivery time can make around 10-15 minutes, if it is a fast food restaurant.

“Logistic system will be reformed, and this will make the whole delivery process more accessible for our customers, and we will be more transparent and competitive,” Baghdyan concluded.